meet Arizona wedding photographers Andrew and Katrina

We are Arizona wedding photographers and a husband and wife team with a photojournalistic approach to documenting Arizona weddings. We’ve been telling love stories through our photos in Arizona for over 14 years! Katrina started the business in 2002 and 500+ weddings later we are one of the few older (errr we mean experienced 😉 ) photographers in Arizona. To be a photographer as long as we have you really have to love, really love, what you do.

And love is exactly what we feel. We are addicted to witnessing and documenting some of the most meaningful, raw, expressions of love and emotion shared in a lifetime. Rarely do photographers have the honor being let into the most intimate and powerful moments of someones life. That’s the joy of being a wedding photographer… capturing those fleeting emotions that are sometimes loud like thunder and often soften like the wind … and always, always so quick to appear and disappear. We are drawn to people more than things, relationships more than trends.

The most common review we get from clients and their family and friends is that they feel like they lived their wedding day all over again through our images and even experienced more than they actually saw on their wedding day. It goes by in a flash. And that’s our goal… to help you remember what it felt like not just what it looked like … all the love, the joy, the support. We’re there to make you and your friends and family feel comfortable to be themselves but not treat your wedding like a photo shoot of expected shots crushing what natural moments could have been… we support you just enough that you can get lost in the moments of our wedding day. The real love you bring and authentic moments shared on the day is reflected back in the photos we capture and that makes our heart skip a beat.

We’ve been featured for over 10 years in Phoenix Bride and Groom magazine and other local publications and were pretty tickled when we had several weddings featured nationally in BRIDES magazine but really what makes us the most overjoyed are the wonderful emails and letters we get from our clients (turned friends) telling us about how much their wedding photography means to them. You can read a small sampling of the wonderful notes we’re received in our testimonials page.

We also have a sister company Sedona Bride Photographers that specializes in Sedona weddings. Katrina is a Sedona native and we are in Sedona often enjoying the beauty of the area and often shooting weddings in Sedona. Our Katrina Wallace Photographers brand handles all our weddings in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson and beyond. We take a small amount of destination weddings outside of Arizona yearly through Katrina Wallace Photographers.

If you’d like to know more about us, here’s a bit we wrote about each other …

About Katrina (written by Andrew)

On our first date, many years ago ( but not that many, we’re still young!), Katrina attempted to teach me how to shoot pictures on her old Nikon film camera. Since the moment I met her I knew photographing life was her passion and who she was.

Katrina is an incredible Mother and a strong woman! She has a way with the kids that I could only hope to have, or rather, not hope to have, but understand she has because she is their Mother and a Father cannot be those things. I admire those things because there is nobody like Mom!

Katrina is as tenacious as they come. She is a perfectionist, but not annoyingly so. She is a mellow, Type B, but knows what she wants when she sets her mind to it. She likes high quality and stops at nothing to ensure our clients, and our family, have the same. I like this about her because she is as consistent in her personal life as she is in her business life, and serves as a great example to the many photographers she has mentored.

Katrina is intuitive; she understands needs before one has expressed them. She is the Sistine Chapel; one of a kind, miraculous, beautiful, and glorious. I see these remarkable traits every day in her and I thank God that I am blessed with her in my life.

When Katrina chooses to know something about something, she really takes the time to learn about it and know aspects about it that nobody else would ever know. She is the smartest and most insightful person I have ever known. I pray our children inherit her gifts, and that some of that will rub off on me.

Katrina is a planner. She figures out the best route to get to the goal. The route may not always be the cheapest, but it is always guaranteed, and strategically optimized, to be in the best interest of the parties involved.

Lastly, Katrina is an incredible teacher. She is always seeking self-improvement in her photography career, and I believe has achieved this, in part, by serving as a teacher and mentor in a series of highly regarded wedding photojournalism workshops. If you are a photographer check out the workshop (Foundation Workshops). Her students always loved her and end up keeping in touch with her years after the workshop. They are still friends now, and consequently, many of her best friends are former students and workshop attendees. To me this says a lot about the love and genuine care she puts into whatever it is she chooses to do, and how evident that is to those whom she affects.

About Andrew (written by Katrina)

It’s no surprise that we became Arizona wedding photographers. On our fist date many many many years ago I photographed Andrew on my old Nikon film camera … he happily began shooting with me a few years into the business and has been an integral part of the photography studio. He’s gone on to win awards for his photography work and become an accomplished photographer and served as a photography mentor at highly acclaimed photography workshops. But what he brings to a wedding day that I love the most, is his ability to get along with everyone with his kind spirit and genuine personality.

Andrew’s background is both in technical IT and art through oil painting … he’s one of those rare people I know that can use both sides of his brain. He handles all things RAM, GHz, HTML and other computer IT things that I don’t know very much about. Yet at the same time he can go out and talk to the groomsmen like they are old friends and has an ability to make anyone quickly feel at ease.

He’s spent the last several years on a health kick working hard to keep a mostly organic vegetable-based diet, with juicing all sorts of green smoothies and tons of salads… yet he’s sweet enough to the rest of the family that he still cooks meat and gets us pizza on Friday pizza day. 🙂 Contrary to popular belief, he’s the one that cooks and takes the most time taking care of the kids with homework and playtime … don’t call him Mr.Mom though … he’s just a great dedicated dad.

Andrew is a brown belt in Karate. He started taking classes with the kids when they were very young (our son and daughter started at just 4 years old) … when we’re on a work trip or family vacation it’s not unusual to find him out working on his Kata.

His ideal day would start with a morning workout and end with snuggling up to a book (he loves reading military history books like his father did) after a long day of fun with the family.

I admire that he strives to have a spiritual life, too. Andrew has a sweet heart and always works on bettering himself, loving others, and seeking truth. I’m super blessed to have him by my side as a husband and also business partner. While we sometimes want to strangle each other, we are lucky to have each other as best friends.